GlobeScreen has launched a new audio service, GlobeScreen Podcasts, from NYC. Monthly guests will feature on several upcoming seasons, each to comprise between four to six episodes. Learn more about these podcasts here. Guest inquires can be directed to our Director of Podcasts, Zef Cota:

Unlike several other recent podcasts about the entertainment industry, GlobeScreen Podcasts are often, although not always, in-depth conversations with true artisans working in film and television. Guests will share insights on their key contribution to creative departments such as cinematography, casting, VFX, production design and editing. Listeners will benefit from a detailed information exchange about the art and science behind moviemaking.

Among the episodes rolling out during Season 1 (and running through late November), we will chat to up-and-coming LA based Cinematographer Alonso Homs (pictured above, left) as well as Dogwoof CEO, Anna Godas (pictured, center), as she talks to Variety International Editor, Manori Ravindran, (pictured right), about the current market for documentaries.