GlobeScreen Podcasts are not just business-as-usual. Monthly guests are true artisans of the industry and responsible or involved in key creative departments: cinematography, editing, production design, casting, VFX, more. The art and science behind moviemaking is the footprint we intend to leave with listeners of each podcast.

Episodes will appear below monthly and sometimes bi-monthly. Hosted and run by Zef Cota, Director of Podcasts, from NYC.

Producing / Jonathan Yunger 

Los Angeles based Millennium Media, founded in 1996, is behind some of the film industry’s most successful movies to date, including THE EXPENDABLES, LONDON HAS FALLEN, OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, BROOKLYN’S FINEST, RAMBO: LAST BLOOD and most recently THE OUTPOST. Other titles soon to be completed by the indie studio include THE ASSET with Michael Keaton and THE HITMAN’S WIFE’S BODYGUARD, both of which Lionsgate will release next year. The studio’s Co-President, Jonathan Yunger, recently had a conversation with Zef Cota about Millennium’s various productions, his day-to-day responsibilities, experiences as a Producer, plus much more.

Talent Management / Annarie Boor 

Annarie Boor is a London based Producer & Talent Manager. She recently spoke to Zef Cota, Director of GlobeScreen Podcasts, about the journey that took her from professional ballet dancer in South Africa to indie filmmaker based in the UK. Topics discussed include the various projects her company, Tapping Frog Productions, is engaged in, how the company approaches talent management and the activities of her mentoring organization, Mentor Through Film. 

Editing / Eric Brodeur 

Eric Brodeur is an LA based First Assistant Editor who has worked in the editorial departments of numerous features. His many credits include OUIJA, THE GRUDGE, THE NUN and TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT. GlobeScreen’s Zef Cota recently sat down with Eric for a fascinating and highly informative discussion on the art of feature editing. Topics discussed included how editing has changed in recent decades, collaborating with different departments, and how various directors approach the art of editing differently, among other talking points.

Podcast episode 2 with Anna Godas.
Documentaries / Anna Godas 

Dogwoof is a London based documentary film company which has released 26 Oscar nominated and 3 BAFTA winning documentaries. Just a few of the company’s credits include I AM GRETA, APOLLO 11 and THE CAVE. The company’s CEO, Anna Godas, was joined by Variety’s International Editor, Manori Ravindran, for a wide-ranging conversation about the documentary market, including development, production, marketing and distribution considerations for each of Dogwoof’s releases, since their founding in 2003.

GlobeScreen Podcasts General Manager, Zef Cota, had the chance to chat with LA based Cinematographer Alonso Homs, who has worked in cinematography for over 10 years, serving as a Director of Photography and in the camera departments of features such as Derek Cianfrance’s BLUE VALENTINE, Baz Luhrmann’s THE GREAT GATSBY and Martin Scorcese’s 2010 documentary for HBO, PUBLIC SPEAKING. They had an informative and wide-ranging conversation about the latest technology, lenses, lighting, shooting digital vs. film and professional influences.
Cinematography / Alonso Homs 

Zef Cota, Director, GlobeScreen Podcasts had the chance to chat with LA based Cinematographer Alonso Homs, who has worked in cinematography for over 10 years, serving as a Director of Photography and in the camera departments of features such as Derek Cianfrance’s BLUE VALENTINE, Baz Luhrmann’s THE GREAT GATSBY and Martin Scorsese’s 2010 HBO documentary, PUBLIC SPEAKING. They had an informative and wide-ranging conversation about the latest technology, lenses,  lighting, shooting digital vs. film and professional influences.