Dara Naficy, Managing Director

Dara Naficy
Managing Director

Dara founded GlobeScreen in 2009. Based in Paris he oversees the company’s strategy and financial operations. His other responsibilities include day-to-day sales for all our brands, financial planning and accounting. Prior to GlobeScreen he worked for various Producers and Executives at Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox and New Line Cinema. He holds an MSc in Management from Cass Business School, London, and a BFA in film and video from the School of Visual Arts in New York.


Christopher Oglio, Executive Director

Christopher Oglio
Director, Business Operations

Based in New York, Chris Oglio oversees the company’s business and production operations in the US and internationally. Day-to-day responsibilities include producing media for our festivals and conferences and managing a network of teams who deliver video, audio and creative production services for our programming. He also serves as Chief Operating Officer at Seismic, a toy manufacturer. He holds a BFA in film and video from the School of Visual Arts in New York.


Zef Cota
Director, Podcasts

Based in New York, Zef Cota is Director, GlobeScreen Podcasts, the company’s new audio service. He produces each episode of the podcast and is responsible for managing the monthly rotation of guests for current and forthcoming seasons of the service. He is also Owner of Alphabet City Films, which produces independent features in the US. Zef is an experienced podcaster. His other podcast about filmmaking operates under the FilmSEEN name and can be found¬†here


Amir Rashidian
Senior Programming Manager

Amir Rashidian joined GlobeScreen in September 2019. Based in London, he oversees business development and programming operations for GlobeScreen Shorts, our film festival in the UK. His award winning short film ‘Ritual’ was sold to SHORTS TV. He continues to budget and schedule feature films, namely ‘Stratton’, starring Dominic Cooper. He has also line produced video biographies for bestselling authors, on behalf of Amazon.